Hunts' Guide to The Upper Peninsula


Note: to see the favorite waterfalls of Wayne Premo, one of the few people who have tracked down virtually every waterfall on the peninsula, click here.
Here are 32 U.P. waterfalls that we've found exceptional, some for the majesty or beauty of the falls itself, some for the experience of getting there through haunting woodlands or striking terrain, a few because they are both delightful and near a highway, offering a wonderful break during a long trip. They are listed by region. See our Home page for a map of where each region is. You can also see some good photos of U.P. waterfalls at Escaping to Paradise.

Keweenaw Peninsula:

Lake Manganese and Manganese Falls in or near Copper Harbor. A beautiful, clear lake in the hills with a long, sandy beach is a great place to swim. Plus a path to a striking waterfall.
Haven Falls near Lac la Belle
Jacob's Falls along the drive M-26 from Eagle River to Eagle Harbor
Eagle Falls in or near Eagle River
Upper & Lower Hungarian Falls in or near Hubbell. A dramatic walk along a succession of falls, all the more awesome because it's off the official tourist grid.
Falls River, Lower and Middle Falls in or near L'Anse. A wonderful, uncrowded place with complex waterfalls in or near a piney forest.
Sturgeon River Gorge, Sturgeon Falls & Silver Mountain in or near Sidnaw. The deepest valley in Michigan, this 300-foot-deep gorge in a rugged, remote forest is formed by the Sturgeon and Little Silver Rivers. A challenging but memorable hike.
Silver Falls in or near Skanee. The hike down a trail to these falls is an interesting, complex experience, climaxed by being surrounded by dark rock close to the rushing water.
Slate River waterfalls in or near Skanee. Far from majestic, Black Slate and Quartzite Falls nonetheless create idyllic woodland experiences.
Canyon Falls Roadside Park & Canyon Falls in or near Alberta. A mile walk from a pleasant picnic spot to the Upper Falls of the Sturgeon River and then on to Canyon Falls and a wild canyon where fragrant pines and balsam grow out of mossy stone walls.

Porcupine Mounains & Ontonagon
Presque Isle River Waterfalls in or near Porcupine Mountains State Park. Waterfall aficianados consider the falls here among if not the most beautiful of 200 in the U.P.
Hike to Trap Falls in or near Porcupine Mountains State Park. A 3 to 4 hour hike though hemlocks, hardwoods and big pines to a remote and picturesque waterfall.
Overlooked and Greenstone Falls in or near Porcupine Mountains State Park. Two fine waterfalls, reached by fairly short hikes through old-growth hemlocks and past a gorge, are well worth the walk.
Agate Falls/Bergland-to-Sidnaw Rail Trail in or near Bruce Crossing. Enjoy a leafy glade at the foot of these Ontonagon River waterfalls that emerge after a hike through a dense hardwood forest.
O-Kun-De-Kun Falls in or near Bruce Crossing. A fine 1.3-mile hike though a pine forest leads to a series of falls, the largest a straight drop of the Baltimore River over massive ledges.

Ironwood & the Gogebic Range
Black River waterfalls & Black River Scenic Byway in or near Black River Harbor. The five beautiful waterfalls here are among the U.P.'s most visited.
Superior Falls in or near Ironwood. Little publicized, this thundering 40-foot waterfall along a deep gorge of the Montreal River settles into a quiet pool.
Nelson Canyon Falls/Ottawa National Forest in or near Marenisco. It's not easy to get to, but the reward is the view of an exceptionally beautiful, little-known waterfall.
Yondota Falls/Ottawa National Forest in or near Marenisco. Enjoy a series of small waterfalls along this secluded stretch of the Presque Isle River in a valley shaded by huge old-growth hemlocks.

Watersmeet Area
Mex-I-Min-E Falls & Campground in or near Watersmeet. A short, powerful cascade in a peaceful spot.
Bond Falls in or near Paulding. One of the U.P.'s most spectacular waterfalls on the Ontonagon River.

Iron River, Iron Mountain & the Menominee Range
Chicaugon Falls in or near Crystal Falls. A mile hike leads to the top of this striking, little-visited waterfall that creates a dramatic deep glen among massive, dark boulders
Falls at the paper mill in Niagara, Wisconsin in or near Norway. High buffs along the Menominee River made of massive dark rocks loom over a little mill town.

Escanaba, Menominee & the Green Bay Shore
Haymeadow Falls/Hiawatha National Forest in or near Rapid River. A short, delightful trail through a hardwood forest takes you to a little waterfall on a high-quality trout stream, Haymeadow Creek, and to a nearby campground.

Marquette Range
Tioga River Roadside Park and waterfall in or near Michigamme. Along a rushing river with immense dark boulders, this is a great place for a quick break from driving.
Little Garlic Falls in or near On the Way to Big Bay. Formed by a productive trout stream, these secluded falls are a 2-mile hike from the road.

Pictured Rocks, Munising & Au Train
Rock River Falls & Rock River Canyon Wilderness Area in or near Chatham. An exceptional 3/4-mile trail leads into the Rock River Canyon through a deep woods to a haunting, remote waterfall.
Whitefish Falls in or near Trenary. An easy stop from U.S. 41 between Rapid River and Marquette, the Whitefish River drops in three cascading stairs over rock shelves.
Scott Falls/ The Face in the Rock/M-DOT Harold Rathfoot Roadside Park in or near Au Train. A highway rest stop permits a close-up look at charming Scott Falls and a pause by Lake Superior's Au Train Bay to see and reflect on an Ojibwa landmark.
Munising-area Waterfalls in or near Munising. Avoid crowds and visit four delightful, secluded falls in and near Munising: Horseshoe Falls, a quaint private attraction; the Twin Waterfall Plant Preserve; and Wagner Falls off M-94.
Laughing Whitefish Falls Scenic Site in or near Sundell. This impressive falls with a hundred-foot drop appears with surprising suddenness.

Tahquamenon & Seney, Grand Marais & Whitefish Point
Lower Falls in or near Tahquamenon Falls State Park. Four miles below the more spectacular Upper Falls, the smaller Lower Falls, with its series of cascades, can be enjoyed from an island if you rent a rowboat. It's a more contemplative experience.
Upper Falls in or near Tahquamenon Falls State Park. A dramatic observation platform lets you stand at the falls' brink and look down at the 50-foot rush of falling water, 200 feet wide. Look out a bit and you can gaze on the tranquil river before its plummet. Come early to avoid crowds.
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Michigan's Upper Peninsula - Hunts' Guide to the U.P.

Michigan's Upper Peninsula - Hunts' Guide to the U.P.
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